Lesson 13 Woman symbol 女

Lesson 13  Woman symbol

Here is a very important character , the Woman symbol. It’s also the element of many Chinese words. Please watch the strokes in the animation carefully, you will learn how to write this beautiful character.

woman, female

The first stroke is an angle shape as the pink angle in the animation, and it’s a little bit less than 90 degree. The second stroke is a downward curve 丿 which we have learned before. The third stroke is a horizontal bar. 

What do you think? 
Is this Chinese character looks like a woman? 

In case to make sure that you familiar with the handwriting of this woman symbol , here is another animation I just create for your practice. This is a graceful pen writing style and you can do it yourself also.

Now, let’s create some Chinese words!

The first 2-character word is 女人, woman.

The symbol here is an adjective, Female, with the noun (human), that is,

女人(woman) (female) + (human)

(Please check the human symbol in Lesson 06)

The next 2-character word is 女兒, daughter.

女兒(daughter) (female) + (child)
(note: this is the traditional character )

Here is the simplified character ,
女ㄦ(daughter) (female) + (child)

( and in Lesson 07)

The other 2-character word, 女友, girlfriend.

女友(girlfriend) (female) + (friend)

( in Lesson 10)

The 2-character word 男女, men and women, the general term.

男女(men and women)  (man) + (female)

4-character slang 男男女女, all kind of men and women

( in Lesson 09)

Well, I think that’s enough for this lesson. Thanks for your reading and practicing!

Review and further study

woman, female
with pronunciation play button, calligraphic strokes animation, different calligraphic styles, related Chinese words, and more…

woman, women
pronunciation: nǚ rén
with pronunciation play button, related Chinese words, and more…

pronunciation: nǚ ér
with pronunciation play button, related Chinese words, and more…

pronunciation: nǚ ér
(simplified version)

pronunciation: nǚ yǒu

men and women
pronunciation: nán nǚ
with pronunciation play button, related Chinese words, and more…

all kind of men and women
pronunciation: nán nán nǚ nǚ


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