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I am sorry 對不起, my fault 我的錯

Dear friends,

Here is the Chinese lesson I have just created today, it all about the basic phrase "I am sorry" with several variations:

The first 3-character phrase is very basic, it's "I am sorry" in modern Chinese.

I am sorry
and the second part of the sentence is "my fault"
my fault 我的錯

Now we can make a little variation about the "I am sorry" phrase as following:
I'm so sorry 我很對不起
the structure is:
我 (I) + 很 (very) + 對不起 (sorry)
note: the 3-character word 對不起 (sorry) is an adjective in this sentence, not an independent 3-character phrase "I am sorry" any more.
and the second part "my fault" becomes:
It's all my fault 都是我的錯
the structure is:
都 (all) + 是 (is) + 我的 (my) + 錯 (fault)

Now let's introduce another 2-character Chinese word about sorry, 抱歉 (pronounced bào-qiàn)
The "I am sorry" phrase then becomes:
I'm very sorry 我很抱歉
the structure is:
我 (I) + 很 (very) + 抱歉 (sorry)

Here is the 2-character C…

May I help you? 我可以幫你嗎

Dear friends,

Here is an easy lesson for you. I created it in less than one day, so just post on my blog for your reference.

The first phrase "May I help you" is easy in English, yet somehow it's a little bit unusual in Chinese, maybe that's because different cultures in using languages while helping people. Anyway, it's not natural in Chinese, it's just a modern literal Chinese translation from English.

May I help you?
This is not an inverted sentence in Chinese, so it starts from the subject 我 (I), then the other part of the sentence, on the end of the phrase, a question tag 嗎 is added to present the whole thing as an interrogative sentence.
我 (I) + 可以 (may) + 幫 (help) + 你 (you) + 嗎 (question tag)

The second phrase is asking for help:
I need your help! 我需要你的幫忙
the structure is:
我 (I) + 需要 (need) + 你的 (your) + 幫忙 (help)
There are many 2-character words in modern Chinese, somehow they are the combination of 2 related characters, you don't need to memor…

I want a glass of water 我要一杯水

Dear friends,

Here is the Chinese lesson today, please watch the video to learn the easy Chinese phrases:

The first phrase is a simple and direct one:

I want a glass of water.
It's the combination of
我要 (I want) + 一杯水 (a glass of water)

The second phrase is much polite, adding a "Please 請"
Please give me a glass of water. 請給我一杯水
It's the combination of
請 (Please) + 給我 (give me) + 一杯水 (a glass of water)
note: in Chinese, 我 (I, me) is the same no matter it's used as a subject or object in a sentence, the same as 你 (you), 他 (he, him), 她 (she, her), or 它 (it).
The third phrase is to show the appreciation:
Thanks for your water. 謝謝你的水
It's the combination of
謝謝 (Thanks) + 你的 (your) + 水 (water)

The next three phrases basically are the same, just replace the drinks, from water to coffee, but note the unit of drink "杯" (a glass of, a cup of) are both the same in modern Chinese.
Please watch the video and follow those phrases:
I want a cup of coffee. 我要一杯咖啡


Why? 為什麼, I don't know 我不知道

Dear friends,

I have just created the new Chinese lesson for today's learning, please feel free to watch the video and learn some basic Chinese words and phrases. Please don't forget to subscribe my YouTube channel, Thank you.

The phrases for this lesson are as follow:

it could be used as a simple interrogative sentence, or as a 3-character word "why" in a sentence.
the 3-character word "why 為什麼" is the combination of "for 為" and "what 什麼," very similar to English word "why" is like "for what."
The second phrase is
I don't know. 我不知道
is the combination of the following words:
I (我) + not (不) + know (知道)

The third phrase is a little bit complicated:
Do you know why? 你知道是為什麼嗎
is the combination of the following words:
you (你) + know (知道) + is (是) + why (為什麼) + 嗎
note: the last character 嗎 is a question tag in Chinese sentence, to indicate the whole phrase as an interrogative sentence.
The 4th phrase is similar wit…

Excuse me, where can I find a convenience store? 請問哪裡有便利商店

Dear friends,

Here is the Chinese lesson today:

The basic Chinese phrase type is:

Excuse me, where can I find... 請問哪裡有...
We have few phrases for you to practice as follow:
Excuse me, where can I find a convenience store?
convenience store 便利商店

Excuse me, where can I find an ATM machine? 請問哪裡有ATM提款機
ATM machine 提款機

Excuse me, where can I find a supermarket? 請問哪裡有超市
supermarket 超市

Excuse me, where can I find a gas station? 請問哪裡有加油站
gas station 加油站

Please check the analysis of each phrases and the vocabulary of this lesson via:
Thanks for watching the video, and please subscribe my YouTube channel for more daily Chinese lessons.
Best Regards,
Andres Leo

New Chinese Lessons Play List

Dear friends,

I have been busy creating a series of online Chinese lesson to learn basic words and phrases with videos on my YouTube channel.

Here is the playlist for the lessons I have created during this August, please feel free to subscribe my channel. The material of phrases and vocabulary of each lesson will be listed on my site: