Do you have time? 你有沒有時間

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Here is the video lesson today. We are going to learn two 2-character Chinese words: 有空(available, have time) and 沒空(don't have time) in modern Chinese conversation. Please watch the following video:

The first phrase:

Do you have time?

Nǐ yǒu méi yǒu shí-jiān

你(you) + 有沒有(do you have..) + 時間(time)

here is the 3-character Chinese idiom:

Do you have..
yǒu méi yǒu

有(have) + 沒有(don't have)

沒有(don't have) = 沒(none, not) + 有(have)

and the reply of the first phrase:

I don't have time right now.
Wǒ xiàn-zài méi yǒu shíj-iān

我(I) + 現在(now) + 沒有(don't have) + 時間(time)

Now, the third phrase is the same as the first phrase:

Are you free right now?
Nǐ xiàn-zài yǒu kòng ma

你(you) + 現在(now) + 有空(available) + 嗎(question tag)

Here is the 2-character Chinese word:

available, be free
yǒu kòng

有(have) + 空(spare time)

and the reply is basically the same as the previous one:

I am not available right now.
Wǒ xiàn-zài méi kòng

我(I) + 現在(now) + 沒空(don't have time)

Here is another 2-character Chinese word:

don't have time
méi kòng

沒(none, not) + 空(spare time)

note: these 有空(available, have time) and 沒空(don't have time) is generally used in modern Chinese writing or conversation.

The 5th phrase:

Do you have time to help me?
Nǐ yǒu kòng bāng wǒ ma

你(you) + 有空(have time) + 幫(help) + 我(me) + 嗎(question tag)

note: the object 我(me) is the same as 我(I) in Chinese, just like 你(you) in English.

The 6th phrase:

I will help you when I have time.
Děng wǒ yǒu kòng zài bāng nǐ

等(wait) + 我(me) + 有空(have) + 再(and then) + 幫(help) + 你(you)

note: the object 我(me) is the same as 我(I) in Chinese, just like 你(you) in English.

Well, here is the lesson today, please check the analysis of the phrases and vocabulary of this lesson via:

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Zhōng-qiū-jié kuài-lè

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