handle things 做事

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This lesson is talking about the 2-character Chinese word 做事 (handle things, doing things) with some adjective words in the example phrases. Please watch the video and learn the Chinese words used as adjective and adverb.

The first 2 phrases are two comparative sentences:

I am doing things very slowly.


我(I) +做(do) +事(thing) +很(very) +慢(slow)

She is doing things very quickly.

她(she) +做(do) +事(thing) +很(very) +快(quick)

The next 2 phrases are another tow comparative sentences:

I am doing things carefully.


我(I) +做(do) +事(thing) +小心(careful)

She is doing things boldly.

她(she) +做(do) +事(thing) +大膽(bold)

In the last 2 phrases, we add two idioms onto the previous two comparative sentences:

I am careful to do things slowly.

我(I) +做(do) +事(thing) +小心(careful) + 慢慢來(slowly)

note: the 3-character Chinese idiom 慢慢來 can be translated as "take it easy", and the pronunciation is:

take it easy
màn-màn lái

another comparative sentence is:

She is bold to do things hastily.


她(she) +做(do) +事(thing) +大膽(bold) +匆匆去(go hastily)

note: the 3-character Chinese word is a classic Chinese verse, it's still good in modern Chinese sentence.

go hastily
cōng-cōng qù

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