I want a bowl of hot and sour soup 我要一碗酸辣湯

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The video today is a little bit longer, because I introduce three common Chinese dishes, with the analysis of the characters related with them. Please watch the video as follow:

The first phrase is:

I want a bowl of hot and sour soup.


我要(I want) + 一碗(a bowl) + 酸辣湯(hot and sour soup)

here the serving unit is 

a bowl
yì wǎn

is used for soup or cooked rice, like:

a bowl of soup

a bowl of rice

and the Chinese dish:

hot and sour soup
suān là tāng

the 3 characters are:

酸(sour) + 辣(spicy) + 湯(soup)

no matter what English name it is called.

The second phrase is:

I want a plate of fried rice with shrimp.

我要(I want) + 一盤(a plate) + 蝦仁炒飯(fried rice with shrimp)

here the serving unit is

a plate
yì pán

normally a Chinese dish is served on a big plate for everybody to share with chopsticks

and the dish:

fried rice with shrimp
xiā-rén chǎo fàn

is shelled shrimps with fried rice

with two 2-character words:

shelled shrimps

fried rice
chǎo fàn

please check the analysis of phrases and vocabulary of this lesson via my website:

The third phrase is as follow:

I want one portion of fried spring roll.

我要(I want) + 一份(one portion) + 炸春捲(fried spring roll)

here the serving unit is

one portion
yí fèn

note: the pronunciation for 一(one, ) is different from the previous ones, but don't bother too much since this part is very tricky in Mandarin.

and the dish:

fried spring roll

zhà chūn juǎn

炸(fried) + 春捲(spring roll)

Again, please feel free to check the analysis of the phrases and vocabulary of this lesson via:

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