It's too spicy 太辣了

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The lesson today is an easy one, just two phrases. You will learn the Chinese word 辣(spicy, hot), and 甜(sweet) about food and drink, with other words like 喝水(drinking water), 喝茶(drinking tea), etc. Please watch the instruction video as follow:

The first phrase is:

It's too spicy


太(too) + 辣(hot, spicy) + 了(ending tag)

I want to drink water

我(I) + 要(want) + 喝(drink) + 水(water)

for the first part of the phrase:

It's too spicy


the last character 了(le) is a modal particle intensifying preceding clause in modern Chinese

The second phrase is a similar type:

It's too sweet


太(too) + 甜(sweet) + 了(ending particle)

I want to drink tea

我(I) + 要(want) + 喝(drink) + 茶(tea)

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